ENTER.Sake Mission

ENTER.Sake is a boutique sake collection curated by music icon and technology visionary, Richie Hawtin. Richie has been exploring the world of sake for twenty years during his extensive trips to Japan. For the past four years, through his ENTER. events across the world, Richie has tirelessly promoted sake as a core part of the ENTER. experience. Originating inside his now dormant residency at Space in Ibiza, Richie created Europe’s largest sake bar, ENTER.Sake, stocked with special sakes not available anywhere else outside of Japan. Now ENTER.Sake is beginning a new phase to bring its sake collection to restaurants, bars, and wine stores across the USA and Europe.


Richie is a world-renowned musician and DJ. Playing to crowds of thousands of fans, Richie has been a music icon since the late-1980s and still continues to push the frontiers of music, art, and technology today. Richie has also been a devoted sake connoisseur for over twenty years since he first traveled to Japan in 1994. He has earned the Advanced Sake Professional Certification and was made an official Sake Samurai by the Japanese Sake Brewers Association in 2014 for his efforts in promoting sake abroad. He continues to use his influence to open up young audiences to new cultural experiences through his performances and ENTER. shows worldwide.

“Richie Hawtin: the face of a faceless genre.  One of the electronic dance world’s intellectual forces.”
– New York Times
“Hawtin is no stranger to the art world, nor to working on a monumental scale.”
– The Arts Desk
“James Turrell isn’t the only artist who can make the Guggenheim glow.  Richie Hawtin’s pulsing installation gave a nod both to the history of rave culture and to the kinds of cross-genre artworks the museum supports.”
– New York Times
“A master. The best. Technologically the most innovative. Richie is the Kraftwerk of today.”
– Raf Simons (Dior)