ENTER.Sake Kuzuryu


Available Sizes: 720ml
Rice: Fukui Gohyakumangoku - 65% Polished
Alcohol: 14.5%

Tasting Notes:

Full-bodied but clean tasting, with a dry finish. This sake can be enjoyed cold or warmed.

Kokuryu Sake Brewing Co. Established 1802

Kokuryu Brewery is located at the west coast of Japan in between the mountains and the Sea of Japan.  It is famous for the soft water that filters down from the Haku mountains into the underground river called Kuzuryu – the Nine-Headed Dragon.  It takes over one hundred years for the snow melt to seep through the mountain into the underground river.  Kokuryu sakes have a deep, mellow taste which pairs perfectly with the local Fukui seafood specialties such as king Echizen Crab.