ENTER.Shochu Ginjo 

A Unique Spirit distilled from Pure Japanese Sake

ENTER.Shochu Ginjo is the debut release in a boutique line of spirits imported from Japan by ENTER.Sake.  Shochu is a broad category of spirits in Japan and can be distilled from many different ingredients such as: barley, corn, sweet potato, rice, or even sake itself.  Very few shochus are made from sake, and even rarer shochus are made from premium Ginjo sake.  

drinking shochu

This sake-based shochu shows it character best over ice.  Many Japanese enjoy shochu mizuwari - neat with a splash of pure water.  Ginjo Shochu makes a great aperitif to awaken your palate and start your evening.  If you’re lucky enough to be finishing a meal of sushi and sake, it’s also the perfect way to cap it off, as it matches perfectly with sake.

Production Notes

The production of ENTER.Shochu Ginjo starts with 100% Yamada Nishiki sake rice polished to 50% of its normal size and brewed into premium Ginjo sake.  The sake is then slowly distilled in a single pot still to yield a clean tasting spirit.  At only 30% alcohol, ENTER.Shochu Ginjo retains delicate sake notes on both the nose and palate.

Available Sizes: 750ml
Rice: Yamada Nishiki - 50% Polished
Alcohol: 30%

USA Only