ENTER•Sake Black


Bottle Size: 180ml Cup, 720ml Bottle, 1.8L Bottle
Rice Polishing: 65%
Alcohol: 15%

Tasting Notes:

A clean pure style of sake, with white mountain flowers on the nose. It has a wonderful clean and soft silky texture. The cleansing acidity also provides good structure and there is a subtle fruitiness with hints of mango, peach and pineapple.


Sekiya Brewery Co. Established 1864

Sekiya Brewery is in Kitashitara-gun located in a mountain valley pass in the Japanese Alps between Nagoya and Nagano.  For hundred of years the town was a waypoint and resting place for travelers between the two cities.  Sekiya Brewery was established because of the abundance of clean water from the mountains to make sake and the thirsty travelers crossing the mountains.  Now it is a state-of-the-art sake brewery with a tasting room and sake-focused restaurant built out of an ancient farmhouse in Nagoya.



Sake packaged in single-serving 180ml, ready-to-drink cups have been part of Japanese pop culture since they were introduced for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Until recently, sake cups normally contained mass-produced, inexpensive sake to be sold at convenience stores in Japan. Sake brewers are now producing cup sake with premium sake in order to provide high-quality single serving sake for consumers and restaurants. Often these cups come with colorful, playful labels similar to craft beer in the USA. Now even in New York and San Francisco there are sake bars devoted to serving sake cups. We are proud to offer our ENTER.Sake Black in cups, so our fans can enjoy sake wherever and whenever they’d like. Kampai.

Note: ENTER.Sake Black Dot and Black are the same product.